Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Invoice induced hysteria

Went to my accountant today and got all thebusiness tax stuff done. Phew. 

I've spent the last few days running around looking for a receipt that decided it didn't want to live in the file with the rest. No clue where it went, so had to organise a duplicate. Then as I was printing out invoices, the printer decided it wanted a holiday. In the end I grabbed another one from my stash and finally! got everything finished.

Filled in the rest of the paperwork to transfer everything back to me, so it's all finished with now.

The bub has had reflux quite badly for the last week and she will only let her Mum or Nana anywhere near her and only tends to sleep in hour stretches. She definitely has a good set of lungs.

Anyway, I'm tired and a little sad cos I am homesick and disillusioned with the world today. so, I'm going for a nanny nap.


Hearin' : Let the canefields burn - Graeme Connors

Readin' : The insides of my eyelids

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