Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today is really yesterday

[ Should be 28th]

I lost a whole post because my laptop overheated and shut down. Which, I should have known would happen as that has just been the kind of day I had.

So.. in random order....

My drafting table flung me, several glass items, all the clay I was using, a pasta machine, vise and various other painting and gilding items through the air this morning. I ended up covered in clay, glue, paint water and glass shards. I mean I usually am covered in paint, bits of gold and clay but not in such great quantities.

The drafting table's counter balance thingy or something equally as technological became unhinged. Much like it's owner did shortly afterwards when she realised that all the handmade buttons and beads she had just made were covered in glass. *sigh*

And no, I did not have shoes on, so had to sit there and wait until DH arrived back from his run to retrieve me. Yes, he laughed, but only when he thought I didn't know.

Of course, because I now have millions of tiny cuts similiar to paper cuts, it got very hot here and I felt like I was being stung by a million bees. So I cut my losses  and went shopping. Handbags! Shoes! Airconditioning! All at the same time! Bliss.

Youngest daughter passed her VCE and graduated. I know for sure because we went to her graduation tonight. I was so happy I almost hugged the hag who made our life a misery earlier this year. Almost. I didn't though. I am not THAT nice.

Aforementioned Youngest daughter turns 18 tomorrow. Her friends are taking her out to lunch and on a slurpy trail, which means she'll be on a major sugar high. Her sister is making strawberry daiquiri's for her birthday dinner. Which means I'll be as pissed as a parrot by 7pm and snoring 10 minutes later. [ You know I'm joking, right? LOL ]

Her sister is making the daiquiris because she begged me to let her organise D3's birthday cake and then forgot. Which I didn't know until 10-30 tonight when I remembered to ask her. The baker couldn't do it tonight as he finishes early but they will do it tomorrow. Phew.

I'm off to bed. Nite.

1 Even Wiser people reply:

Ozfemme said...

Sorry to hear about the whole glass/draft table thing. Owies.

Daquiris... nummmm........pissed as a parrot? Yes. I can believe that. Snoring ten minutes later? No way. I'm sure you'd be good for a couple of hours at least!