Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm back

Interesting last couple of weeks I must say. Must be something in the water. Isn't it amazing the things that crawl out of the woodwork when they think someone is vulnerable.

Noone is afraid of you. Slink away.

Anyway, enuff of that effwit....

Funniest thing that happened though is my husband squished me with the car LOL Idiot! Accidentally of course, but hey, I get bonus stuff when he's feeling guilty! hehehe

New laptop I think. He only got my knee caught in between bumpers and it was the crappy knee anyway, but I'll run with it *g*  Although, he asked me if I wanted to go to Europe next year and see the pretty paintings and meander to a few motorbike races at the same time. Why, yes, I would! So, maybe.

This would be the idea :

August 3   Great Britain  Brands Hatch*    
August 24     Tba  Tba   
September 7    Great Britain     Donington Park*  
September 28     Italy          Vallelunga    
October 5     France          Magny Cours* 


I'm making pretty shiny things at the moment. Might even sell some. or not. I might keep them for me. I guess I better get off my lazy arse and take some photo's of what I have been doing. Otherwise, I have no reason to blog. LOL except make poor unsuspecting cyber travellers wonder how I manage to function in RL.

Luvya's all!

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