Wednesday, October 24, 2007

For all the search engine people...

Supernaut's official Myspace page is here

Gary Twinn's is here

Mine is here LOL [ *pout* I'm starting to feel left out!]

I really only use Myspace for musician updates, very convenient.

Wax is on apples to make them shiny and look good in the supermarket so you buy them.

Waxing without wax eyebrows is called threading or plucking *g* Threading hurts more than waxing and slightly less than plucking in case you wondered.

I don't know a place in Townsville that does threading. Your best bet for getting your eyebrows waxed there though is the Willows or Stockland or somewhere like that.

Without Wax means Yours Sincerely according to some definitions. The idea is that the latin sine [without] cera [wax] is the origin of the word Sincere, however that's also disputed by some scholars and dictionary putterer togetherers. It is also based on Roman/Greece sculptors who covered flaws in their products with wax. So basically without wax means no flaws *g*  

Yep, that's me. No flaws. Just kidding. It was my smartarse response to someone who was being a pita and it just kinda stuck.  I may change it at some stage though as I'm a female and that's my birthright.

As for some of the others, the photo's are mine. I took some and my daughter took some at Phillip Island. None were stolen from other sites.

I am tired, granddaughter is in bed so I am going as well.

Nitey Nite!

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John Dyhouse said...

Hi and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

I have just been looking at your web gallery - wonderful stuff and such an eclectic collection of work. I will be returning soon to take in more of your humourous musings