Saturday, October 06, 2007

Alchemy by Numbers

I've started a new series though so I'll be putting WIP's up again, maybe on a daily basis or knowing me, on a randomly daily basis *g*  I was thinking though that I may do some Art Cards to refine my ideas, so I'll probably put some up of those for free, on a first come, first served basis.

I've been researching numbers [ mythology and symbols with a bit of theology thrown in covering several cultures] as part of it. So that's what I'm up to. I'll put up the outline once it's more refined.

For the person who asked, no, I don't have anything for sale on the web at the moment. I am thinking about it and the best venue to use [ online auctions, own site or via an online gallery] I have opened a gallery online at and will also put finished pieces up there.

I'd been stockpiling for an exhibition which has been cancelled as the business has now closed :-(  As that work was specific to the exhibition theme I don't know what to do with it, except enter them into a few competitions maybe. It's a bit too different and intimate to go online though I think.

Yes, I have sent art overseas. Some of my works are in the US and Monaco and a couple are in India. I can't send any vellum pieces overseas due to mad cows roaming the world. For the last year or so when I do use vellum, it's kangaroo vellum and from the legal cull in Queensland. I used to use other vellum but there were some problems.

The company I use  manufacture the vellum for drums using a traditional method. I only need to prep it a little more with pumice powder and elbow grease than if I bought it from an art shop or imported it and it is also a little cheaper.Mainly I use Arches Aquarelle Hot Press with a minimum of 300gsm.

I use gouache [ Winsor and Newton or Talens] with watercolours and watercolour pencils. I used to make my own paint from pigments but apart from cost factor, when I was on chemo I wasn't allowed to use the toxic pigments. Yes, some paint has toxic pigments in it but it's easier to remember not to lick your brush or not drink your paint water than having to worry about inhaling the dust accidentally.

Then again, I sometimes pick up the wrong cup, so far though, my brain has managed to alert me in time that it's not hot, therefore can't be coffee *g*

I usually use the watercolour pencils as the base to get the colours down. All of my work has indigo in it somewhere. I only use W&N's watercolour version of indigo though.

I use loose leaf or transfer gold, silver and platinum from William Ashcroft in Oakleigh. I prefer loose leaf to transfer.  

I make my own gesso and glair if I am using traditional materials, especially if it's on vellum. I use a modern version based on pva glue if I am on my all modern materials kick.  

That's about it. If anyone wants more info, email me :-) antikva at gmail

Now, I really am going to get some sleep.

'Avagoodweegend cobbers!


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Readin' - Before I Say Goodbye: Mary Higgins Clark

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