Monday, October 08, 2007

Sportified type of weekend

James Toseland won the World Superbike Championship  followed by Haga and Max Biaggi in 3rd place. Although Max didn't win the championship ya gotta be a happy Max fan this year. First season in Superbikes, not knowing a lot of the tracks and 3rd. Pretty damn cool *g* 

V8 Supercars, Bathurst was definitely interesting!  I bet Rick Kelly had to do more than have a sit down after his near miss when his tyre blew and he slid over the track with Lowndesy narrowly missing him. heh.  and the car fires! Yikes. I bet Andrew Jones also needed a quick sit down after that too. His fuel line burst apparently, although it looked like something like a piston took out part of his bonnet.

Took the boy down to the skate ramp today so he could play around on his skateboard. The older guys that were there helped him with his technique until he fell off and hurt his wrist, so he's been running around the house with a bag of peas on his arm all night. Huge lump though but only seems bruised. The guys said he was now an official skateboarder LOL One of them apparently spends $200- a month as he keeps breaking his boards. I hope the boy doesn't think we'll be doing that!

And on that note, I am off to watch F1 then get some sleep.


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