Thursday, June 23, 2005

Australian Red Cross Blood Bank stocks low nationally

If your a healthy Aussie, Get your butt to the nearest blood bank Donate Blood or click to find out about Operation Lifeblood 2005. Give now. [ please :-)]

This is the lowest levels in 25 years the Red Cross have had in the blood bank, they may have to cancel surgeries. You even get a cup of tea, only takes 30 mins of your time and you'll get warm fuzzies from knowing you may have saved a life. Let me know if you donate :-)

Yoda had a transfusion at 5 weeks old, BQ1 & RCK just donated, I even made my Dad go [ heh, that was fun!] BQ2 would have but she's too young. I can't due to the drugs the Dr has me on at the moment.

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ozfemme said...

I donate. My son was given a transfusion at birth and that was what got me started. That was a good post - nobody gives much thought to stuff like that until they find themselves or someone they care about in the situation of needing blood.

Oh and the lemonade was very well received, thanks!

antikva said...

I never really thought about it until Yoda needed it either. Isn't it scary when they tell you your child needs a transfusion!
I have severe psoriatic arthritis,so can't donate anymore :-( I badger everyone else in the family though LOL

I'm glad the lemonade went down well, I was a bit worried sticking my beak in :-)