Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Warrior

Well, that was fun. I am so tired. 12 people in one house is very noisy. Not to mention try to hobble around that many people and their belongings on crutches LOL

Dinner at the restaurant was good, although I was not happy to see they took my favourite meal off the menu, Veal Scallopini. Not gonna go there anymore. harumph. GS1 [5 yr old] did make his mother extremely embarassed though by sticking his head through a hole in the door in the ladies loo... yes, it was occupied. She's still embarassed ROFLMAO [ yes, I know he shouldn't have done it, but it's still funny]

So, I made them all watch the WSBK racing on Sunday night, because ya know, I am just that evil. Mind you, I think it backfired on me cos then I had to explain what each category was and who each rider was ROFL Don't think I managed to get any converts though! Top racing to watch though.

Everyone has now gone home, so I can relax and catch up what I've missed.


hearin' - Wish I had an Angel - Nightwish
feelin' - sleepy

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