Thursday, April 12, 2007


For all of you looking for Central Ink, Oakleigh...

They have a website* at
* October 2008 - The site no longer exists.

Highly recommended if you want a new tatt or body piercing or something. Nice people and top tattoo artists. Hubby got his done there and loves it. No, it's not one of ours, but go look!

New WIP up later tonight, I have been a busy little bee and our new site design will be up next week. Same logo, just changing the look around, as you do. I got stuck back into Joomla! since my broom was grounded as well, so some of the sites have to be reworked.

Apart from that, I am off for a nanny nap, went gallivanting today LOL

Hearin'- Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
Feelin' - tiredddddd

1 Even Wiser people reply:

Ozfemme said...

Listening to the same thing at home, courtesy of a 12 year old and a 9 year old pair or wannabe emos...sighs