Thursday, April 12, 2007

too lazy to think of a title

I have some sites I like to visit before I get to the stage of choking the life out of a client. They remind me that there are much dumber one's out there *g*

This one however is my favourite so far Stupid Client Quote #29 well, that and people that think all we do is tell the computer what we want and Voila! It does everything. Put them in the pile along with people who think they have taste.

And, people wonder why I prefer Illuminations. I still can't quite work out how I got sucked back into the whacky world of webdev, but oh well.

Dogbait.... heh. Might take me a while, but I'll pay you back for that one *G*
I did remember to switch over to your new WPblog this time too.

Nothing else exciting happening in life, apart from me becoming a character in a Sims game , courtesy of OzFemme LOL I think she's got me worked out... troublesome has often been used in the same sentence as my name.

WIP won't be up tonight cos I watched Amazing Race instead. So, tomorrow instead.

Nite all.

Hearin' - White Night Fantasy - Nightwish
Feelin' - Embarassed LOL

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