Saturday, July 16, 2005


My baby is all growned up :-( Yoda is going to his first school camp on Monday. Yesterday he learnt how to make cups of coffee/tea [ I wouldn't let him so he conned BQ2 into teaching him] and he knows how to operate essential appliances like the microwave, dvd,tv and the fox box *g* Oh yeah, and much to his Grandad's disgust, a hairdryer LOL. I am now obsolete.

Added later : We've just done the run for Harry Potter. Do you know how freaking cold it is outside? meh. next time the kid can go get her bloody own!
Altho, she did make me a cup of tea when we got back. I did notice one odd thing though, many new cars driving around have either no tail lights or only one. Very strange.

I actually sat and watched a movie tonight, Queen Latifah comedy called Taxi. I must have liked it cos I sat there the whole time not doing anything else *g*

I am still dangerous with sharp objects. 2 stitch thingies in my index finger and I'll have to redo the page :-( I did manage to find some more thick scratchboard after 2 years of looking. I love working with it but it's a pita to find the thick sheets.
Well, I'm off to make glair & garlic juice [for gilding] so I'll cya's later.

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ozfemme said...

Oh my goodness..that's right..the Harry Potter book is out today...right, I'm off....good luck with the gilding..

antikva said...

LOL, how did you not get nagged to death by your children?
Thanks, nope, was too wet & cold for gilding :-( So, I just wandered around and read instead.