Sunday, March 25, 2007

Feedburning off the marked path

I bought a new book to read today. heh.

No, I was wrong in my choice for Friday's Feast, I got "William Morris by himself" [edited by Gillian Naylor] I love William Morris' designs. Sensuous lines that follow a path but wander off to do their own thing. Bit like me. the path going off wandering I mean *g*

I also changed my feed to feedburner, so if you have subscribed via my atom feed, you may need to change it over. Sorry.

S1 is all ready for camp. We ran around looking for a book that he wanted to read.
He's already read my Eragon books, so after much running around we found the next 2 books in the series Rowan of Rin by Emily Rodda. He's still a bit narky that his Dad hasn't been home for the last week before he goes.

I have to wake him up at 5am. That's going to be really interesting LOL
I'm so glad that we got that extra hour today!

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Ozfemme said...

Our boys read the same books too!