Thursday, March 22, 2007

I want to be a contestant...

I would like to mention that I tore my calf muscle whilst bungee jumping off the stair and finishing off with a cartwheel landing into the lounge room. Everybody scored my effort 10. I might enter the act into Australia's Got Talent. Red will probably love me.

So there.

Of course, as usual hubby's away for at least a week. Good thing my car is an automatic and did you know other motorists are scared when you wave a pair of crutches at them? Almost as good as the automatic finger I want installed in my bonnet. I drove Warrigal Rd in peak hour traffic yesterday, twice in each direction. At one stage I had a semi in front, behind and on each side of me. I got through the lights quicker though!

And, the chicklet at Macca's still managed to stuff up our order.

Testing at Valencia was on this week, then they go to Donnington. Max did well running 4th behind Bayliss, Xaus and Lanzi. All of them broke the previous lap record as well as Corser in 5th. Steve Martin lost his ride though, the team's run out of funds to run him. His teammate is still running though, he's financed by a different source.

Well, have to love you and leave you. I have to go visit the evil dr who will prodandpoke my VERY sore calf muscle and ask me why I am so stupid again. LOL
Nah, he's actually a great Dr.

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