Friday, March 23, 2007

Freaky Friday Indeed.

D3 went into the City today on a school excursion and we didn't know whether she was in the tunnel or not for a few hours. We knew the bus wasn't involved but they had evacuated the tunnels because of explosions and the fire and smoke,so we weren't sure where the kids were. They ended up coming back earlier than planned to avoid the traffic.

Then all the girls decided to butt heads tonight. *sigh* Over, of all things, curly fries. I won.

So, it's quiet here now. I'm waiting for Hubby to ring, he's somewhere in NSW. Not sure where and mobile reception is crappy at best.

And now the cats have started fighting. Geez.
It's still over 35C here,so I'm putting it down to the heat is driving everyone nuts.

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