Wednesday, March 07, 2007

working for the man

Sorry. Busy getting the online version of the Magazine done and up.

I may change my job description to html wrangler cos that's what it feels like! LOL

D3 and her mates went to the Fall Out Boy concert tonight, she still can't hear *g*

D1 is complaining the baby is kicking her in the back, so I told her to get used to kids being a pain in the butt. hehe. she didn't see the funny side of it.

D2 is 21 tomorrow, I am making mud cake muffins with pink icing [ don't ask!]and then she and the BF are going out. We're having the family dinner when Mum comes down at the end of the month.

S1 is fast asleep with music from a computer game playing ???????? with both cats draped over and around him.

And, on that note, back to work for an hour then I am going to bed. Tomorrow I paint.

Listenin' - Angels -Patrizio Buanne
Feelin' -busier than a bee!

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