Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ooooh,I have a Motorola

ROFL Well, everyone says I sound like a 20 yr old blonde on the phone, so that would be about right.

Mobile makes demonstrate personality type "IF you're carrying a Motorola mobile phone the chances are you are under 24 and fashion conscious."

and we're going along to see this tribute show next month because the kids saw an ad and thought I'd like to go because I missed out on the real Robbie. I'll let you know.
THE EGO HAS LANDED - The Australian Robbie Williams Show

Took D1 to hospital tonight, small scare with the baby but everything is fine. They told her to eat more and stress less. She's got 8 weeks to go and finishes work in 3 weeks, I'm running odds she'll have her the day after she finishes work LOL

I'm all set, I've got the extra memory card for the digital video camera *g* No, she doesn't want me to video the birth but I keep teasing her. The new camera has a higher res, so better pics of bub when she's born. She's still going to call her Khiala, I'm so used to saying koala? that 10to 1 that's what I call her for real. heh. I really am evil, but in a nice way, I swear.

Listenin' - Grace Kelly - Mika
Feelin' - tired

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