Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gardasil Vaccine?

The girls are talking about getting the Gardasil vaccine soon. Has anyone had it already or getting it? I've read the side effects and they seem to be pretty standard so far for immunisations with nothing jumping out.

The side effects of cervical cancer treatment far outweigh the gardasil one's as far as I can tell. They've seen firsthand someone going through tests,surgeries and follow up treatment for it [me], so they're all adamant they're going to get it first chance they have. The oldest 2 have the regular test every 2 years and we all pay for Thin Prep tests as well.

A forum I belong to has been covering the Gardasil issue and a lot are against it, although they seem to be anti-immunisation in general . Most of the people in the forum are American and I just want to get some feedback from Aussie women :-)

After going through the treatment process myself [ I got the all clear in July 2005 ], I'm all for anything that makes it so you don't have to. So..thoughts?

1 Even Wiser people reply:

BwcaBrownie said...

They don't need it.

After having a positive Pap test, one learns that cervical dysplasia - a Sexually Transmitted Disease,
is caused by things easily avoided.
They are:
1. having sex with a man who has had MANY previous partners.
2. having sex when you are too young, or pregnant (because the cervix is vulnerable due to changing at those times).

Easy. If you know.

If schoolgirls were forced to watch film of a woman enduring a colposcopy
much more repulsive than a colonoscopy)
or a cone biopsy.

they would never ever have sex.

All the specialists I met said "the only safe sex for anybody is with a condom - semen is an aggressive liquid"