Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I got what I have lusted after for years as a Christmas present.

A fluoro lime green laundry basket.
Oh and a bonus gift of
a set of plastic storage containers and a bag of Christmas tree decorations.
Aren't I lucky?

4 Even Wiser people reply:

pinkme said...

Lucky, lucky you!
I got Tweety Bird Christmas socks (Hello, I'm 35). I should be thankful I didn't get what I got when my boys were little- they used to wrap up stuff off of my armoire- stuff that already belonged to me!

antikva said...

HA! Lucky you too!
My son still does that, I am telling myself it shows his kind caring nature in choosing a gift he knows I'll like *g*
I think mine was karma biting me on the arse as I wasn't totally sympathetic when hubby tore his calf muscle on Chrissy eve and I had to take him to Emergency. It was his own fault for thinking he is Greg Louganis! heh.

Ozfemme said...

Yeah, well, how does a bottle of Amway Dish Drops grab ya, Huh??? LOL...I fell about laughing.

I was the only one.

antikva said...

I think we should all do Secret Santa Re-Gifting! LMAO

Hey, don't complain Bella, that stuff is expensive!